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The orange apple in your webshop is 
a symbol of succesfull entrepreneurship
This is a story about an orange apple, that is hopping and shopping from one webshop to an other. The purpose of this all is, that the orange apple becomes a celebrity and a symbol of succesfull entrepreneurship.

Enter "entrepreneurial traits" into Google, and the menu of frequent searches will complete the query with "... of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple products, app- and webstore" and "... of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft products" among others. These are the forces of nature that spring to mind for most of us when we think of entrepreneurs--iconic figures who seemed to burst from the womb with enterprise in their DNA.

They inspire, but they also intimidate. What if you weren't born with Jobs' creative genius or Gates' iron will? There's good news for the rest of us: Entrepreneurs can be guided to success by harnessing crucial attributes. Scholars, business experts and venture capitalists say entrepreneurs can emerge at any stage of life and from any realm, and they come in all personality types and with any grade point average.

However, the best entrepreneurs do share a collection of characteristics, from tenacity, passion, tolerance of ambiguity, vision, self-belief, flexibility and rule-breaking.

About rule-breaking, that’s why we started this domain, so other people can be succefull to.

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